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Monday, April 1, 2013

Inflation in SG related Pictures:

Inflation in SG related Pictures:

[SG money supply pict source]

[Estimated global monetary Aggregates (1971-2010) YouTube add][orig website of Mike Hewitt]

[SG official Foreign Reserves source(YOSS)]

[SGD exc rates, finance (2001-2011), YOS2012]

In words:

Money Supply: Refers to the amount of money in an economy.
Narrowly defined, money supply (M1) consists of currency in active circulation and demand deposits.
A broad definition of money supply (M2) comprises money supply (M1) and quasi money. The latter includes fixed, savings and other deposits with banks as well as negotiable certificates of deposit in Singapore dollar issued by Singapore banks.
Money supply (M3) consists of M2 and net deposits with non-bank financial institutions.

Official Foreign Reserves: Refers to gross official reserves held by the MAS. These include gold and foreign exchange, Special Drawing Rights and Singapore’s reserve position in the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Prior to May 1999, Singapore’s official foreign reserves were valued at book cost. With effect from May 1999, the book value of foreign reserve assets are translated at market exchange rates prevailing at the end of each reporting month.

Special Drawing Rights (SDR): Refers to an international reserve asset created by the IMF and allocated to its members in proportion to their quotas as a supplement to existing reserve assets. The SDR serves as the unit of account of the IM

F. The valuation of the SDR is determined on the basis of a basket of four currencies: the US dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen and Pound Sterling.


Singapore Annual Inflation rate and CPI info fr Singstat
[Singapore Annual Inflation rate and CPI info fr Singstat]

Add ca[Singapore Time Series on Population (Mid-Year Estimates)]


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